Terms of rental

Usually our vehicles are dealt in rent WITHOUT DEPOSIT.

Within the city of Kaliningrad car delivery to the customer is free of charge. The same rule applies to the airport - we will deliver the car to your order at any time for any flightas well as take it away from parking space at airport "Khrabrovo". 

Driver requirements: age at least 25 years, driving experience of at least 3 years (we examine driver licence's date of issue or special notes on it). Additional drivers are free of charge.

Required documents: passport of a foreign citizen and driver's license (category "B").

Daily mileage is almost no limit - 350 km per day. In the Kaliningrad region this is not a practicable distance. But, if you plan to travel more, it is possible. To do this you must modify the lease contract.

Driving outside the Kaliningrad region is possible if the corresponding mark will be in the contract. Insurance "CTP" of European Union ("Green Card") we provide on any machine.

Daily mileage when traveling abroad - also 350 km a day. For this reason, the minimum rental period for trip abroad is 2 days. 

All cars have insurance CTP, for damage to the car, fully meets the renter. If you have an insurance case for CTP and damage to our vehicle by another vehicle renter is obliged to provide documentation from the police necessary for insurance reimbursement. Otherwise, it also bears full responsibility for damage to our vehicle.

Renter shall be responsible for the availability of guilt and / or in the absence of the defendant caused the damage, including, in the event of theft, damage to the vehicle and its parts. In the event of an accident in case renter innocence he is fully refundable balance of the rent. If you have lost documents, keys, shall be fined 200 Euro per vehicle downtime.

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Наши горячие предложения

10 дней / 9 ночей за 17 990 рублей
Начало тура: июнь (см. подробнее)

15 дней / 14 ночей за 21 490 рублей
Начало тура: июнь (см. подробнее)

7 дней / 7 ночей за 13 990 рублей
Начало тура: июнь (см. подробнее)
7 дней / 7 ночей за 9 990 рублей
Начало тура: июнь (см. подробнее)

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